Celebrate Birthdays In a New, Not So Boring Way

Pick the Age Range Below and Get Something Cool like a Days on Earth T-Shirt or Coffee Mug for Yourself or Someone Else that Celebrates How Many Days They've Been on this Big Blue Marble!

Want to see how many days you or someone else has been on Earth?  Click the button below and check out ouor Days on EarthCalculator.

Days on Earth Calculator

About Days on Earth

We all have birthday's, right?  After a while, just saying you're 20 years old or 35 years old gets boring.  Why not celebrate the actual number of days you or a friend have been on this big blue ball we call Earth?  Days on Earth does just that!  We offer a unique way to celebrate birthdays by fcousing on not how many years you've been alive, but how many days you've been on Earth.  It's actually pretty cool to think about how many times you've seen the sun go down or the sun rise since you were born!  Go on! Take a look!

There's 365 Days in a Year, right?

Q: Why do you show 1 year as 366 Days on Earth? There's 365 Days in a Year, right?

A: Remember, as soon as you're born, you're immediately on Earth. You start at zero and that first 24 hours is your first day even though you're not officially 1 day old yet. That's why if you multiple your age by 365, you always need to add one more day to it. You had to live for one full day before getting to 1 on your Days on Earth counter.

Another way to look at it would be:
- Day zero starts as soon as you come out'cho mamma
- 1 full day would have passed at the end of day zero
- 2 days would have passed at the end of day 1
- and so on...
Get it?


What a cool idea and a cool t-shirt to boot!  My dad loved it!

Sam K.